Matt Wilkie, Downtown Doha, Qatar 2013

Matt Wilkie site is about my life, travels and experiences as well as motivational and self development. I have worked in the FM industry for years with companies such as Mowlem, Johnson Controls,Integral Services and in recent years Carillion. But have begun to travel around more after living in the Philippines for nearly 7 years with my wife and family. Being overseas again I began to see what I missed after being in the UK since 1989. Prior to that I had lived in Germany, Hong Kong and other locations with family holidays being some of the longest periods of time in the UK as a child.

Being overseas has rekindled a childhood spirit of travel and allowed me to reassess my life and what I want for my family and myself in the current and future. Life is too short to just accept things as they are unless your happy. Which is another question I ask regularly what makes me and others happy. Because with my time in the Philippines with my wife April I could see although we worked hard we also had a different perspective on life. Not consumerism orientated or following the same path as everyone else but looking to experience life in a different way. Enjoying the world rather than thinking about a mortgage, being able to see stunning views from around the planet instead of shopping in Ikea at the weekend. Simply making life choices that suit the life we want and will enjoy. Although our blog is a bit take it or leave it I decided to put it together to share things with those who are interested.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy the blog.