Are pastures greener on the other side?

Moving to a new country offers many changes but I think wherever you go there will be things that improve and things that you will lose or miss. For us compared to the UK we find Spain has mainly problems relating to “how to” process things as so much is decided locally rather than nationally. So even national requirements can be locally altered to suit peoples interpretation of what they think something means. Which makes things a little harder to work out what to do as the internet has conflicting information due to people living in different areas.

But we do find the weather, food and family environment fantastic but off set with the lack of work opportunities in our area and adapting to a new language that I find myself could take me a few years to become fluent. Small sacrifices but positive changes as well. Compared to the Philippines its cleaner air, more varied diet and access to Europe. But also we still miss the Philippines because its where April’s family are along with I find it a very free country for traveling around.

As you can probably guess there will always be some changes in life in moving to a new country but they can be both good and bad. For us as long as the kids get the best opportunities for their future and are happy we are happy.

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