Becoming resident in Spain begins.

Today was the tipping point from moving from holiday mode into getting me and the family resident in Spain. Not in a bad way but as I was grabbing the laundry from the solarium on the roof. I was greeted by the reflection of the moon on the sea as the waves lapped up against the beach.

Matts roof in Spain (533x800)

This was certainly now going to be home and in the time we have been here its been a great experience. But I am also expecting the next stage to be a bit like pulling teeth in dealing with official paperwork. Like a trip to the dentist visiting official offices are dreaded and even more so when you know that my Spanish is still in its early stages and officially Spain only has around 22% of the population speaking English. That combined with the fill in this form, stamp it over there, take it to this building, bring it back etc. etc.

But it doesn’t mean we are going to give up but simply it will take as long as it takes. We are here now and already building the foundations of life in Spain. But being together everything seems a lot more relaxed and within reach, nearly a year apart and although I had plenty of time to concentrate on my career the whole time I was missing my family. Now after finishing this article I will do another module towards my college diploma. As being at home I can do both although during the day its near impossible to do anything that doesn’t involve the kids. Yet no complaints here as its great to be in the same house, same building, same country and knowing their future is being secured day by day.

Tomorrow begins the paperwork trail to life in Spain though and its taken a few days to get things organised. I thought the Philippines was a pain but here in Spain even finding the right buildings to submit documents is difficult never mind actually filing all the information. Yet it will get done as I need to get everything underway including getting the kids into school. This year will be a bit different for them as they will be going to different schools and a new language to learn. Yet as an adult diving in its difficult as a child languages can be absorbed like a sponge and a new set of friends made.

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