Cycling for fitness.

Matt Wilkie back from CyclingWhen I started cycling initially I did it because its something I could fit into a routine. The big problem with the work I have is I can be anywhere at any time. So joining the gym becomes pointless as I am normally only in Worcester at weekends.

But now enjoying getting into a routine of cycling I am starting to see the fitness benefits and dropping 5kg in the last 1 1/2 weeks. But I have to say if you don’t put the commitment into cycling you will put weight back on quicker than you can burn it off. The main thing is building a routine. Part of that for me is is trying to extend my distance at the moment I am just over 22miles for my longest ride. Which is a bit of a move from my original 6 miles max.

But also finding making it interesting keeps you more motivated to do it. Tonight for example although I am in Edinburgh I did put the bike in the car. I have planned a route along the sea front to take in the sights. As well as putting my camera in my bag so I can grab any good photos along the route.

Also losing the 5kg I can already feel a bit healthier and visually its obvious as there is more than an inch disappeared off my waist making my trousers that little more loose. To the point I am going back to 2007 and my first meeting with April where I will be dropping my weight down to the same. Got 3 stone to burn off but as the weight comes off cycling seems easier along with that I have decided to cut out alcohol completely as a health option. I have made the decision not only for self motivation but from a health point of view. Not that I am ill from it but changing diet and drinking habits is putting me on the track of getting back to where I was in 2007. But also being healthier means I will be around longer for the family long-term.

Just looking forward to getting the family back together as this year has been extremely difficult being away from April and the kids. Now at month 7 and its getting harder not easier.

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Les Brown – increasing your presentation power (review).

Although I have taken many meetings do YouTube videos and also sometimes do speeches for motivation. The fact is I am aware I need to improve my presentation ability.

les brownSo I got Les Brown – increasing your presentation power to see if I can find things that will help with my presentations. The first thing I noticed is the audio recordings aren’t excessively long. Why this is one of the first things I look for when learning something is that I use it as a “waffle gauge”. As sometimes things get excessively long by justifications. E.g. I listen to something that I want to know then someone spends 30 minutes explaining why it works from scientific and medical terms. Things I wouldn’t use, don’t care about and ultimately don’t really help my goals as I am looking for solutions not a medical degree.

The bite size recordings are extremely easy to work with as it means you can absorb in sections and take note. If your looking for a clear fire quick recording that is going to get you to a speaker or presenter in no time at all this isn’t it. But what it does is set the direction you need to head in and ideas on how to improve your existing presentations.

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