Does Spain agree with the Wilkie family?

Matt Wilkie at a local nature park in La Mata, Spain -Copyright of Matt Wilkie

After over a year in Spain we have to say there are good and bad things about living in Spain. Although hammered with a 700 euro bill for a vehicle repair that I estimate would be at least 200 euros cheaper in the UK. There is a lot of exploitation of tourists and residents if the opportunity arises. But it is the same world over and that you need to look past the negative stuff.

The school is fantastic and the kids love it, which is probably the one reason that if I wanted to move again I couldn’t. Zoei’s education is coming along as well as the teachers helping with Zoei’s communication and Spanish are extremely good. Before someone gets on the soapbox of taking money out of the Spanish system for my “foreign kids”. I want to put a couple of things in the fire. We pay tax in Spain, we pay social security in Spain, I also pay tax and National insurance in the UK. If anything I do and have done for a long period of time paid a lot into a system I don’t take much out of. If anything the contracts I have brought in internationally have put money into the UK treasury as although they are overseas the companies are registered in the UK.

April’s also loving the variety of food here in Spain as well as our location. Having the beach to the East and a huge natural park to the West we sit in a place surrounded by natural beauty. The other side of that being is many of the fresh produce grows locally with oranges, vineyards, lemons, peppers and many greens are on our doorstep along with the fresh food market every Wednesday.

The only draw back of Spain has to be the lack of job opportunity in our “area”. Going into Madrid or Barcelona the job opportunities are much greater although I would hazard a guess that the quality of life reduces the same as living in any major city. I want us to be able to enjoy the environment that surrounds us. If we were forced into a more dense type of living we might as well be back in the UK.

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2 comments for “Does Spain agree with the Wilkie family?

  1. February 8, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Keep me in the flow on jobs and possible move.

    • March 21, 2016 at 1:22 pm

      Will do, jobs are a bit thin on the ground here unless your willing to go and work in a call centre or seasonal bar.

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