Fitbit Charge 2

Although I enjoy walking, cycling and other sports actually having the time to do it is another thing. But after my watch broke a couple of years back I decided to buy a new one. But after seeing the new Smart devices on the market for fitness decided to go with the Fitbit Charge 2. Now I did shop around for a week before making the decision as I was aware of some not being as good as advertised.


But I am finding the Fitbit Charge 2 is quite motivational especially when it buzzes every hour telling me to get up and go for a walk for 250 steps. Being computer based one of the issues I have is spending too much time behind a desk. Everything is “in a minute” as you focus on completing tasks. By the time the minute has occured its already the day over, but having the Fitbit telling me to go and walk I have forced myself to listen to it.

Result being I am finding that I am doing a lot more exercise than normal. But also the sleep monitoring and water intake monitoring is extremely useful. Its funny in some ways that I need to rely on a watch to tell me what to do but at the same time its good for those prompts.

Highly recommend and I have placed the links below so you can click through to Amazon. – –

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