Getting things started in Spain.

I have to say that moving to Spain has been a fantastic change for us and although its still cold there have been so many other benefits. The fresh air, good food and beautiful beach on our doorstep have made being here feel like a permanent holiday.

Although looking at business ideas and potential opportunities its certainly the wrong time of year in our location. We could have gone to Madrid or Barcelona but decided on being in Alicante. Downside is that the town or village is a ghost town most of the time. Which helps with things being nice and quiet but does make it difficult to meet people.

Odd thing was yesterday I decided to drop into a local Tapa’s bar to try and meet some Spanish locals to integrate a bit better. As I came round the corner seemed some Christmas party was going on in there so gave it a miss as you couldn’t get past the front door for people and chairs.

But I think that pretty much sums up Spain so far things are either extremely busy or nothing going on. Filing paperwork I may be up late at night translating and prepping everything but then once I have submitted them its a case of no rush.

The good thing today though is we went over the final hurdle so can now relax and enjoy things a lot more. Because prior to that I had concerns about being able to return to work soon as the timetable connecting everything else together relied on paperwork other people controlled.

Can’t wait to be coming back from work on a Friday knowing that April and the kids are there instead of thousands of miles away. Although the short haul flights are going to be something of a change.

My Spanish is still something I am struggling with but today decided to dedicate more time to it as it breaks down so many barriers when dealing with officials. I noticed when I filled in the registry for the town hall the guy wasn’t irritated I didn’t speak Spanish but more irritated he would have to use his English. But speaking some Spanish breaks the Ice as they soon become aware you can’t complain about their English when your Spanish is dire.

The kids are certainly loving it here as there is so much for them to do. The problem is trying to stop them doing some of it, but have to say they have settled in well and although our apartment isn’t huge they do have space to play but with the beach nearby along with play parks they’ve got more than enough things to keep them occupied.

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