Happy Christmas from Spain.

Matt Wilkie Spain (600 x 450) - copyright of Matt WilkieThis year is coming to a close and what a rollercoaster it has been. Arriving back in the UK at the beginning of the year we had just worked our way out of the earthquakes and typhoon from they year previous.

It was doing aid relief that things were put in perspective as I seen so many people with everything wiped out in one sweep of a huge natural disaster. For me it was a case of deciding what I had to do to make sure my family will be look after long-term. If something happened to me things in the Philippines could slip into hard times. Something I wasn’t prepared to let happen but also it was a decision we made when we first got married in 2007. We would plan for the future instead of going abroad straight away we would build things up in the Philippines first.

Christmas dinner at the Wilkie household - copyright of Matt Wilkie

I remember back in 2007 with a few thousand pounds in the bank and a renovated 1 bedroom family home on family land our small acorns were planted. Back then I remember WordPress was completely new to me and blogging was a term that seemed to be just developing. Its when I started my first blog and started to make our first money in the Philippines. Although it wasn’t a huge income it was enough to live on and back then with just the two of us we managed just fine.

torre la mata at Christmas

It wasn’t long before the 2 of us became 3 though and blogging became a bit of a full-time job to help fund our life in the Philippines. Not that I am complaining as I found back then information on the Philippines was a bit sparse at least up to date information was. But I also began hopping back to the UK for work to help keep things ticking over and as the years past we tried and developed different business ideas in the Philippines all of which worked to some degree.

Its only looking back now do I see how far we have come on this journey as it was often hard but at the same time enjoyable. Having a close net family and a loving wife made everything whole. But also every time we did something we could see things changing in a positive way. Every trip I took overseas we would invest more capital in the Philippines. Its funny to think we started off with a tiny 1 bedroomed house.

Where are we now? After 7 years in the Philippines that seen us grow from a 1 bedroom to 5 x 1 bedroom apartments we own as well as a 3 bedroom apartment we are renovating. We have moved to Spain, the kids need good schools and at their age will be fluent in Spanish within a year giving them another language and a brighter future. For April she’s already developing her language skills due to the crossover with Cebuano (Philippines dialect), as the Philippines was a Spanish colony as well as many Spanish words leaking into the Philippines languages. Aprils off to a hefty head start on me.

For me another college course has started and already churning my way towards a diploma as well as picking up my EngTech this year as well, which I have already obtained many moons ago but hadn’t had any recent paperwork in years. The commute from Spain to the UK may not be as cheap as a flight once a year to the Philippines. But its certainly great knowing after a hard week I will be flying into Alicante every weekend to see my wife and kids as well as knowing everyone is safe. I couldn’t ask for anything more this Christmas, the other great news is being in the UK I have managed to spend a fair bit of time with my daughter there and having the ability to travel between Spain and the UK means I can see her every week. Something that was impossible before and I am just glad things are working out all round.

Hope you enjoy the blog and I will try to keep things more up to date as things settle down.

Merry Christmas!

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