How is living in Spain?

I put a fairly large budget aside for the move to Spain and still have enough to sit here for at least 6 months. The move went a lot smoother than I had expected in all honesty.

But at the same time we are still in the paperwork process stages which next week is the electoral roll and getting the kids into school. With the kids into school will free up a bit of time for other business as they do take a lot of looking after during the day. Not saying its unproductive as it isn’t, having time with the kids after being away most of the year is good to catch up on but also bond with the kids.

Our apartment is perfect and right next to the beach which is ideal, street market is behind it every Wednesday so fresh produce is literally on our doorstep. The cost of living is cheaper than I had expected (which is why the budget is doing well). A little tip if buying property in Spain the prices are cheapest in the last 2 quarters of a year. Currently due to continued recession in Europe the prices in the area have actually dropped by about 4% this year. But I am expecting them to start climbing in January as people come on holiday and make rush decisions on buying a holiday home. In all honesty unless your renting it out or living in it full-time I wouldn’t buy. The rents are so cheap you can’t lose I have seen some nice villas for 500+ euros a month with 1 bedroom apartments starting from 300 euros fully inclusive of bills. Its what started us looking at Spain in the first place.

Working in the UK and living in Spain gives the best of both worlds as during the week I am normally in hotels in the UK. So arriving Monday morning and flying out Fridays is perfect for me. I have also started my BIFM course and my CIBSE EngTech came through as well. So career wise its given me a bit of time to help develop a few things. As well as getting to grips with Macros and formula’s with Excel 2013.

The Philippines has also been a bit busy as tenants are currently in what was the kids apartment and apartment 1 over at the Ube building is getting the air conditioning put in. Hoping to rent 3 of the apartments out within the next few months. As this will help with making the Philippines self supporting while we are away. As there is still construction work I want to finish there as well.

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