Preparing for work.

Been an interesting few months in Spain to the point of being in two minds to go back to the UK or not. I am sure there is enough work and money locally that we could survive here without too much hassles. But also its reliant on me being here to build it up and hitting the holiday season.

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Meeting a few business owners this week its pretty obvious there is the death of a business out of season still going on. Bit of why businesses fail in the first year because you need to budget for the times that the money coming in barely covers the electric never mind anything else. The tapas bar opposite is for sale for 5,000 euros and 200 euros a month rent. But I can’t see how it could make a profit even in high season. We aren’t right amongst the tourists but a bit like having a bar just off a side street of the main town.

Looking at Penomar which is walking distance you can see the death of a tourist town that has trickled through areas. Bit like the UK and most of the money being in London. The rest of the country feeds off the central source but as money gets tight decline happens. With a lot of these tourist towns and villages though they lack infrastructure. They lack job generation and as such are purely reliant on something that isn’t sustainable unless you work with economic shrinkage and concentrate on rentals and other long-term businesses that are where people have always gone on holiday.

Which sort of gets to  my point if I stayed out in Spain full-time I would either be reliant on tourists or reliant on heading into Barcelona or Madrid to get a job. In this area I could develop and possibly will with my wife a rental and maintenance service. Selling property is another kettle of fish but I can see the ability to get rentals we know are busy every year and market those types of properties even for sale. As we will be even able to get some prior booking history to show the ability for the property to pay for itself.

A lot of thoughts going on at the moment as my work role also seems to be changing recently which may take things in a new direction and having me think more of what we can do in Spain.

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1 comment for “Preparing for work.

  1. MJ
    February 1, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I have been watching your videos and even left a post at one of them, would love you and I and the wives (married to a Filipina also) to talk and see if you can help us to save on our start up as we will be starting a call center when we go back to Davao in June. I have two relatives of my wife that have worked at call centers but would love help and great advice to start the right way and start making money from day one then wait 30 or 60 days to get paid as I have ran across in my ASKING around. lol You hit the nail on the head in the other video I saw. A man came to us in an email to help us start a call center and said and I quote… I use my money to set up and he would help with software and (12 month contract) work 1 or 2 months for him and then we will see big checks coming in every month or two he guarantees it lol … ONE TIME he doesn’t pay me I’m broke lol. Help this (white lol) American to start a profitable call center please.
    P.S. I did pay attention to the hole white face thing in the other video… lol

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