Snowing in Spain something I hadn’t expected in the costa’s.


I awoke to hearing my son Ube saying “28 minutes” as he was watching some App on my phone relating to expected snow fall in the area. I hadn’t expected any snow here because it hasn’t snowed where we are for over 90 years according to some information. Yet as they waited for the bus there was still no snow in sight. Was a little disappointed as the kids and my wife April have never experienced snow before.

Snowing in Spain 2017-01-18 photo by Matt Wilkie and copyright of Matt WilkieTorrevieja, Spain Snow 09.07.08 photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

But as we headed out of our street we could see a lot of cloud cover in some areas across the lake. So we decided to head down to La Zenia and as we did so the snow started to form. Initially it was like a few bits of dust and grew to the point of snow flake formations and as you can hear from the video April was happy to experience snow for the first time. Sad thing is we didn’t get to see the kids experiencing the snow at school but they did tell us all about it when they got home.

On the way back from the shopping mall we headed on up to the vineyards and nature park where we bumped into a friend. She admitted she felt like a kid as it was the first time she had experienced snow. She remembers her grandfather telling her about it when she was a child but now experiencing it herself for the first time.

La Mata Spain, Snow 12.07.08 photo by and copyright of matt wilkie


Snow In La Mata, Spain 2017-01-18 - Photo by and copyright of Matt Wilkie

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2 comments for “Snowing in Spain something I hadn’t expected in the costa’s.

  1. Cornelia Bradstone
    May 16, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    I thoroughly enjoy your videos on youtube and I find them some what very informative. Based on my personal experience and observation there are a lot of reasons to love living in Spain (regardless being an Expat or a Spaniard). To me, the weather is phenomenal, in terms of food and tourism they are perhaps the best in the world. Health care is one of their strength and it is exceptionally fabulous. Moving on to Social life and people of Spain (This is what made me love and respect this country the most). People are very generous and friendly, they are not cocky, hypocrite and they greatly value frequent family gatherings and get together which is not often to be seen every where in the world. Surely they can be called a bit laid back and bureaucracy makes me wonder if I am living in the 80’s or not but cannot complain because you cannot be best with everything. For party goers you have the finest Ibiza and when it comes to the best Sports in the world ( you might be an Argentine or Brazilian supporter) but Real Madrid and Barcelona is going to be the ultimate choice of selection. Too bad that they do not have a cricket team.
    The only thing that bothers me and makes me wonder to try realizing the future of Spain is the horrific unemployment rate (esp among youth). So many good Universities, so many graduates but there are literally no opportunities for them to pursue their goals or even to get into some training programs. It is one of the toughest thing to handle when your dreams are shattered from a dilemma that does not have any solution to the problems. As I have stated above that living in Spain is like a dream come true but thinking as a whole in general I think it is time to start thinking for long terms objectives and be an astute which would facilitate the lives of these young and shining Spaniards to serve their country and live a happy life.

  2. Ian Dyer
    July 24, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    We were over for a short break in Jan. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when it started to snow and even settle on the grass around the pool.

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