Taking a bit of a break from YouTube.


With YouTube’s changes to what people discuss topic wise it’s sort of put a pause on my YouTube videos along with it not really having any negative affect.

As no doubt other have experienced as well you start to see videos having monitization removed due to not fitting a criteria that was once fine. It was never about myself making money on YouTube but simply showing it was possible to do so. But if its a constant changing of goal posts which see’s things produced last year finding they are no longer in favour this year it sort of becomes a pointless exercise.

For example I like discussing topics on the Philippines president Duterte as I often think he is misunderstood due to manipulated media. Does this make it no longer advertiser friendly? I think so, yet previously not an issue but also you find that anything related around terrorism or groups associated with it even if just discussing say how it influences a region or economy. Could find itself also being removed from being suitable.

In all essence you start to see what was a platform of freedom of speech starts to become a very sanitized environment as politics of the day becomes unwanted. Which may seem fine to many but its often interlinked with everything we do.

For example living in Spain the Brexit has affected relationships between the UK and the whole of Europe along with affecting the currency. So it simply leaks in to every day life if we like it or not.

Do we just want YouTube to become a platform of sales pitches and holiday videos is the question. For me it’s already got me thinking if I should continue on the platform due to what I see is censorship.

But also an inconvenience as you have to be careful what you bring into a conversation. As well as having some strange things happen. I had all my videos removed from monitization then reinstated. I have had certain ones de-monitised that had been fine up until the recent changes.

Then you get the pinging emails of people claiming copyright to then have it revoked by the YouTube team. I don’t do this as a business and it certainly doesn’t make enough money to justify the time of having to alter things to suit new changes.

It’s a Vlog, its information about what we have done over the years and experienced. So I have simply reduced my video output to updates at the moment if anything of interest occurs.

I have to admit the time I have had back from reducing my videos produced significantly has actually been time well spent. More time with the family as well has being able to focus on business. Which sort fo gets back to the point of is doing YouTube videos worth my time?


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