5 Tops Tips for Keeping Your Items Safe on Holiday

We all love a good holiday – but, sadly, the holiday doesn’t always love us. Pesky ne’er-do-wells are lurking in every corner of the globe, ready to pry away your hard-earned items in an instant. Today, let’s take a look at five tips you can employ for keeping your items safe on your vacation.

  1. Check hostel reviews before travelling

It sounds an odd step, but make sure to check out the reviews left by former guests when it comes to the accommodation you’re staying in. This is particularly important if you’re stay at a hostel, as opposed to a hotel.


These will give you a heads up when it comes to checking out which places do and don’t offer the safest vaults and places of accommodation to store items. You can check this type of factor across a number of online ratings websites.


  1. Don’t leave items unattended

It should go without saying that leaving your items lying around is a recipe for disaster. Sadly, a surprising amount of people continue to ignore this painfully obvious step. Most often leaving the likes of phones or other electronics sitting around without supervision.


It should come as no shock to you that you won’t be covered in regards to insurance if items do go missing after leaving them unattended. It’s totally your own fault and not the responsibility of anyone else but yourself for your negligence.


  1. Keep your smaller valuables on your person

If you’re lugging around items like cards, a wallet, passport or any other important type of documentation, you’d be wise to keep them on you at all times. Sure, they might be safe in your bag or luggage, but there’s a much higher chance of them getting pinched if they are.


Ultimately, if someone is able to take them from you while you wear them, it’s likely they would have been determined enough to gain access to your items wherever they were. Your person is the safest possible place.


  1. Ignore street children

Alright, that sounds a little harsh. If someone seems like they desperately need some cash, it might be wise to help them. However, if you’re suddenly approached by one, or a group of children, you should do your best not to interact with them.


This is an ongoing problem across most of Europe right now, with Sweden particularly badly impacted by the growing level of child street gangs who are pickpocketing people at train stations.  Generally, one child will approach you, while the rest gather and rummage through your clothes for valuable items.


  1. Stay alert at all times

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, it’s crucial to keep your awareness primed at all times. Don’t slack off and take your eye off the ball. While most people around you are of no concern, it’s the one bad apple in a thousand you need to watch for. Make sure you don’t allow yourself to turn off – especially in busy areas.


Have these tips helped to give you a clearer picture on how to keep your items safe when heading abroad? Make sure to follow them and you won’t find yourself in a spot of bother at any point of your trip.

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