VW T4 Broken drive shaft.

VW T4 DriveshaftVW T4 Driveshaft broke

Although its been a difficult start to 2016, it has also been nice being home for a few months spending time with April and the kids.

Our VW van had a large cracking sound and decided to drop oil over the road near the school as we pulled away after dropping the kids off. End result was a vehicle that was undriveable and the worry of losing the van to the scrapyard.

The car insurance we have covers vehicle recovery in Spain. Its actually a legal requirement to have roadside recovery within Spain. Although we would only need towing 3km back down to the village from the school to a nearby mechanic. We are lucky enough to have a mechanic that works on engines and gearboxes. As many mechanics these days seem to concentrate on ETB’s (Exhaust, Tyre’s and Batteries) as its a lot less hassle and faster turn around profit wise.

We keep a bag of cat litter in the van for any oil leaks which ended up nearly empty as we covered the gear oil that dropped out of the bottom of the van. A little tip cat litter absorbs oil extremely well and worth keeping a bag if doing any work on your own drive etc. stops the oil getting soaked up by the driveway.

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