Where we live in Spain.

Moving to Spain has been a big step and change in the way we live, we are finding that we aren’t only dealing with a new language and new country. But even the way of life locally is very different to what we are used to.

Where we live in Spain we have the market on our doorstep, a town plaza for the kids to play and a beautiful sun soaked beach to enjoy.

Even though Spain is still currently recovering from a recession I do believe that the country is full of opportunity. In fact as Spain needs more businesses and more capital the country has opened up. You find a lot of Chinese businesses have opened up all over the place as well as things like the tax incentives for those setting up business in Spain.

For us although we have arrived in November and had our first Christmas here. We have enjoyed the quiet time but will be starting to prepare for the holiday season. As long-term residents we like most other people will find the holiday season plays a big part on making a life in Spain. But also with our location and the people around us we are pretty much surrounded with Spanish citizens. Which some may find a little intimidating or isolated. But for us it helps pick up the language and network with locals faster.

There are other areas that are “Little Britain’s” not far from us in fact we know multiple people living in at least 5 different ones. So anytime we do feel like meeting up with Brits we can head over there. But I was aware when we moved to Spain that if we did head into one of those neighbourhoods we would fall into the same tourist trap. The basic trappings of not having to learn the Spanish language or move off the reservation. But in time where we are we could soon be supporting some of those communities due to having a key language skill. April will soon be fluent in Spanish and I for one am moving into Spanglish as its not as easy for me to learn the language.

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