Why do I love Facilities Management and Asset Surveying?

First thing is simply don’t get too excited about the subjects. But reality is I enjoy doing what I do in the fields I have been in for over 25 years. The main reason I suppose is it continues to evolve and as such always has something interesting and new going on.

Doesn’t mean it’s without its faults but generally its an industry that strives to keep things professional wherever and whatever we are doing. It has also given me the opportunity to travel throughout the UK, into the Middle East as well as allowing me to work from home both in the Philippines and Spain.

It’s a career that sort of grew on me over time as originally I was on the tools but often found myself managing projects until eventually I started in building surveying.

I suppose it’s why I maintain strong links with engineers and trades people because at the end of the day they keep the wheels turning and its also where I began. Something I sometimes find people forget where they assume managing is more important than the staff that oil the cogs.

Today I find myself spending more time behind my computer than wandering around buildings or traveling up and down the UK. But it also means I am home a lot more than I used to be. Is 2017 going to be any different? Possibly not but 2018 maybe as I am looking to focus on a degree to improve my prospects in Asset Management this year.

One thing is for sure the maintenance industry is often not valued as much as it should be, but when things do go wrong they are the first people who are relied on. After 2008 clipping of the wings and pushing a lot of people towards retirement or self-employment. The industry in my opinion has a lot of skill gaps which offers opportunities for new blood wanting to enter the industry. The hard bit is getting companies to recognise they need to be employing more people and beginning the transfer of knowledge from those retiring in the next few years.

I am certainly looking forward to what comes this year and looking forward to developing my skill set further.

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