Why I love to travel.

Matt Wilkie, Signpost, La Mata, Spain

Matt Wilkie at a direction signpost in La Mata, Spain

Although we seem to have come to a grinding halt recently in Spain due to sorting out paperwork. I have to admit we are itching to travel more around Spain itself. Its a beautiful country with lots of things to see. Historically there are mainly buildings and castles scattered around the country aswell as some amazing regions for food and drink.

But what makes me want to travel? I have to say it must be something in my blood or certainly my upbringing. As a military child I got to travel to many countries and experience a lot of things over my childhood. Along with the independence that comes with the lifestyle. Being alone for long periods of time doesn’t bother me nor not knowing what may be around the next corner. Its simply a desire to see what I haven’t seen and experience aswell as learn from other cultures and environments.

As a father and husband it has also matured into wanting my family to experience the same things and see the world as a much bigger entity than we are often dictated to by media. Knowing that fear we are often sold isn’t often true and anywhere on this planet you will find people are simply people. There is good and bad everywhere but it doesn’t mean you should restrict your view on the world.

I have found that travel makes you a better rounded person and able to see things from multiple perspectives. But also we only have one life and if we don’t enjoy and experience it now we never will.

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