Winter is over in Spain.


Matt Wilkie in La Mata Spain

It has been an interesting few months as I have managed to spend the winter with the family. Which has been great compared to running up and down the UK in hotels. It’s also allowed a few ideas to develop for the business and things are starting to look up now we have got out of the cold.

A few ventures are starting to bare fruit, although still not sure how well they will develop until things take shape. The call centre ideas are also starting to look like I will begin operations again. Bizarrely its been people chasing me for help setting up their diallers that has opened up some new contract opportunities. As they have wanted to move from telephones to auto dialling but lacked the server knowledge to get Vicidial up and running.

Dealing with the van has been another interesting thing as the mechanic let me down but eventually fixed it myself. Have to say the T4 forum in the UK is extremely good for advice.

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