You should move to Spain!


Moving to Spain isn’t an easy choice and I would say if your making money online, work from home or retired then your going to be better off in Spain compared to the UK. The weather is good as I sit here a few days away from Christmas day its still 12 degrees and with the sunshine during the day its still pretty warm. The cost of living is relatively cheap with property rentals in Spain being still low. We are currently renting a 2 bedroom apartment right next to the beach for 300 euros a month plus bills. The plus bills won’t be too much either due to the climate being relatively pleasant, meaning we aren’t running air conditioning 24/7.

But then there is the food, its not only relatively cheap there is some fantastic quality. My wife picked up 5kg of oranges for 2 euros last week while I grabbed some tangerines at 1 euro for 2kg. But there is plenty of great seafood and vegetables to go on the shopping list. With plenty of local markets the produce is readily available weekly.

I also find that in La Mata and Torrevieja there is plenty for the kids to do and a short ride by bus to the airport. For hopping back to the UK if needed or in my case the weekly commute for work. There is plenty to do and for the older generations there is a sense of community and photography clubs, computer clubs and regular events in the area to keep everyone active and busy.

With the country still not recovering from its recession and the rest of Europe in a similar state housing prices are going to remain low as are rentals. I am not expecting to see any massive jumps in prices for some time and currently the property prices in our area are actually down by 4% for this year. Which makes it a good time to buy or rent as I can’t see the prices getting much lower than they currently are.

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